trade show display system - why we need them

The trade show industry serves a staggeringly wide and varied audience. Many industries have their own types of show style. On the enterprise level, there are numerous reasons for exhibitors to deploy a display at a given trade show. On a macro level it can be said that there are only five reasons:

  • To sell
  • To launch
  • To correct a misconception
  • To create an impression
  • To get create internal "buy-in" for the initiatives above

These five reasons are sometimes grouped into the generalization trade show impact.
Another view groups all trade show goals into four reasons to exhibit:

  • Increasing sales and reinforcing market share
  • Increasing share of customers and getting current customers to buy more
  • Introducing new products
  • Positioning or repositioning your organization, its brand and product

There are many types of trade show displays / exhibits. Below is a list of the most common types:

  • Pop-up displays system: these can be used individually backdrop, or in series, as warrants. Like tabletop displays, they are normally very lightweight, and can be easily transported and set up without needing much on site labour support. The components are often made from very lightweight materials, and transported in small travelling cases. Most often curved in shape, they are also now popular as straight walls with attached fabric mural graphics.