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 folding display panel board


Here at exhibits world, we offer a wide range of display boards to suit every purpose. We create display board had a variety of uses, which means they can be utilised in a range of different environments. In particular, they are perfect for your workspace, at an exhibition or in your school.

Each portable display board is designed to be lightweight and easy to transport which makes them ideal for accompanying you to events, and with the  velcro fabric, there's no need to use pins again. We use high-quality, cost-effective materials when manufacturing our display boards to ensure they can be used at various events.

Whether you are looking for folding displays boards or table top display boards - there is a display designed for various events and environments. We can also supply a range of accessories such as a display carry bag or even a spotlight to shine some light on your content. Each display board can be customised with a variety of fabric colours or finishes available.

Browse through our vast range of cost-effective display boards and find the best panel display system to suit your organisation's needs. 

If you're unsure about which of the Display Boards to choose, then please don't 
hesitate to ask us for our professional opinion.

The display board kit has a simple folding design and is easy and quick to put together.  It is easy to transport and store in the carry bag.

  • Compatible with pins or Velcro
  • Free standing, double sided display stand
  • Each display panel measures 900mm x 650mm - A1 size 
  • Header panel 250mm x 650mm
  • Panels upholstered both sides in velcro nylon fabric
  • 4 fabric colours to choose from - red , blue , green, grey 
  • Quick and easy to store as folds into carry bag
  • Carry bag included
  • 1 year warranty
  • Made in the Malaysia
  • Please support Made In Malaysia product